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Diploma in Montessori Method of Education

(Full- time study: for teaching children from 2 ½ - 6 years)

This is a foundation Montessori Teacher Training course. It is suitable for students wishing to work with or to teach children from 2 ½ - 6 years of age. The diploma is awarded by Modern Montessori International London.


Applicants are assessed on their individual merits but must have obtained at least GCE “O” level (or its equivalent/ 10+2) they must also have good standard of both written and spoken English. They must be at least 18 years of age.


The course aims to develop in students a high level of professional competence as teacher of the Montessori Method to children from 2 ½ - 6 years of age. It will give students:-

  1. A thorough grounding in the Montessori principle and philosophy.

  2. A basic understanding of child psychology.

  3. An appreciation and understanding of the teaching aids developed by Dr. Montessori.

  4. An in-depth knowledge of the Montessori environment and role of a Montessori directress/director.

  5. A comprehensive knowledge of the Montessori curriculum.


DMT 101:  Montessori Principle & Philosophy

DMT 102:  Child Development: The Early Years, Child Care, Health & Nutrition

DMT 103:  Curriculum: - Mathematics, Language, Art & Music

DMT 104: Montessori Exercises of Practical Life

DMT 105:  Sensorial Education

DMT 106:  Language, Phonics & Grammar

DMT 107:  Mathematics

DMT 108:  Cultural Subjects: - Zoology, Botany, Geography, History

*The Course Structure/Sequence is Subject to Change.


On acceptance on to the course you will receive 8 manuals and two referral books.


Teaching Practice is mandatory once the course is completed. Supervised teaching practice has to be completed in an accredited Montessori school. 


In order to obtain the diploma, students have to:

  • Attend lectures regularly

  • Complete and pass written assignments

  • Pass written & practical examinations

  • Complete 200 hours of teaching practice