Admissions open for the Academic session 2017-18 at MMI Noida

While the doors are always open at MMI, certain criteria that we follow and maintain are:

I Steps to Admission

  • Fill the registration form
  • Interaction of the Parent with the Principal/ Center Head
  • Collect the School Prospectus along with admission application form
  • Admission will be given subject to availability of seats.

II Documents to be submitted

  • Child's Photo (4 passport Size)
  • Child's Birth Certificate (Self Attested)
  • Child's Health Card/Immunization Card
  • Parent's Residence proof


Age Eligibility for the following Programmes

  • Playgroup      :          1.8 years to 2.4 years
  • Pre-Nursery   :           2.4 years to 3.4 years
  • Nursery         :           3.5 years to 4.5 years

Each child is able to develop to his fullest potential.

According to Montessori Philosophy, we believe that the child is equipped to develop and bloom inherently; we need to just provide the environment for this growth.

We, at MMI Noida, are committed to provide an environment where the child:

  • Can make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Can talk to adults without hesitation.
  • Can Speak their mind
  • Can Choose, which later fosters decision making in the future
  • is  equipped to lead an independent life at the earliest
  • Can learn to be a responsible citizen of the society at this tender age.

Montessori system:

The Montessori Method was created by Maria Montessori and is based on a lifetime of study and observations with regards to the way children really learn. The formative years from 0- 6 years are the most important years for learning in a child.

Montessori is an alternative and scientific method of facilitating learning for children. It is based on the natural development of the child. Montessori takes care of the child’s spirit – an education of the heart, hands and mind. This system is all about freedom, independence and respect for the child.

We believe that the child’s hands-on-experience are the source of development for the intellect of a child, during the process the child discovers the information. The child participates in the learning, which has lasting results. The adults in the environment are facilitators for the learning in the environment/class; it is one to one interaction with the adult/teachers which makes them the best care takers after their parents. Montessori encourages working with their peers, so they are able to communicate their feelings at an early age.  The child’s urge to repeat itself is self-motivating to the child. As the child moves ahead, self discipline becomes a way of life. This self discipline leads to intelligence obedience (i.e.) serving someone else. This is how Dr. Maria Montessori, believed that child’s free environment will culminate into making a child a contributor to the society.

Uniqueness of Montessori system:

  • The child is centre of the pivotal hence all the thought process, activities, environment and actions; based around the child.
  • The Montessori system allows the child move in its own pace and own interest.
  • Understanding comes through the child’s own experiences via the materials and the promotion of children’s ability to find things out for themselves.
  • The child’s individual development brings its own reward and therefore motivation.
  • Environment and method encourage internal self-discipline.
  • Working and learning matched to the social development of the child.
  • Shared focus on the acquisition of academic, social, practical and life skills, hence aimed at holistic development of the child.

Modern Montessori International Pre-School Centre Noida was established in July 2015, in the sprawling green locale of Sector 26. The school aims to impart Premier Montessori education to the young ones in the city.

The school endeavors that each child reaches his or her full potential - intellectually, socially, and emotionally. The curriculum aims at cognitive, physical, intellectual, social and emotional development of children bringing about a holistic development of child's personality at an early age to achieve a bright future.

The formative years at MMI Noida will also prepare the children for joining formal schooling at renowned schools.

Mr. Pulkit Kalia


We will foster together to build this institution in order to produce the best out of our toddlers. Our motto will be to handle each child as our own, by providing the best academic, co-curricular, health and hygiene environment in the school premises. Besides, we will endeavor to train our teachers, nannies and staff to ensure commitment and professionalism in absorbing the ever changing educational and environmental requirements for the young ones.

The strong community culture at MMI, Noida is built upon concepts of respect, trust, compassion, rights and responsibility. A shared understanding of these concepts enables us to nurture strong relationships and friendships, which are the cornerstone of quality early childhood education and care. Parents will be the cornerstone of child’s development and they will be encouraged to take an active part in all aspects of the life of the centre, making their association with MMI enjoyable and enriching.

We aim to build and foster a sense of community that is inclusive and welcoming and respectful of the values, beliefs and practices of all cultures and backgrounds to achieve the following:-

  • Empower and include all individuals.
  • Focus on developing a holistic personality.
  • Create a safe, nurturing, challenging, stimulating, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment.
  • Communication and collaboration - both within and between groups of children, parents, and teachers.

Centre Head


Toddlers                  18 months to 2.3 years                                 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Pre Nursery             2.4 years to 3 years                                      9 am to 12:30 pm

Nursery                  3 years as on 31st March                               9 am to 12:30 pm


Day Care

Age Group - 6 months - 10 years

Types of Services

  • Full day Programme
  • Half day Programme
  • Hourly Based Programme

Working days – Monday – Friday (8:30 am to 6:30 pm)

MMI Pre School

B-126, Sector 26

Noida, U.P. 201301

Phone – 0120- 4266570/10

Mobile – 9599022108/109

Email –


The Teacher Training Centre

Phone - 0120-4266570/10

Mobile – 9599022108/109

Email –



Children who are in daycare early on have higher intellectual abilities, especially because they have opportunities for observation, parallel play and socialization. Kids also learn how to share, solve problems and be team players.

What qualifies MMI as a high caliber day-care is that it goes beyond just taking care of children and developmentally appropriate books and toys, and includes, attentive care-givers attuned to the children’s developmental needs.

Timings                : 9am – 6.30 pm

Working Days    : Monday to Friday

Age Criteria        : 10 months to 10 years 

MMI offers a balanced curriculum spanning Practical Life Exercise, Language, Culture, Mathematics and Sensorial Training.

The Exercises of Practical Life provide a wholesome range of activities that allow a child to develop control and coordination of movement, awareness, of his/her environment, good work habits, responsibility, concentration, attention, independence, order and positive self-image

Montessori Language is inculcated through a multi-sensory approach that combines phonics, stories and language experiences to bring meaning to the learning of reading and writing. In the system, the child does not learn by rote.

Children learn through the five senses. The primary purpose of sensorial exercises is to further refine his/her senses of touch, smell, sight and hearing. A child is able to perceive sizes, shapes, colours, sounds, etc. The Sensorial Training Materials, lay a solid foundation for Mathematics, Geometry, Geography, Botany, Art and Music.

Montessori Mathematics is thoroughly an activity based program allowing the children to have hands-on experience in learning mathematical concepts.

Cultural Subjects cover Nature Study, Botany, Zoology, Geography and History. The integrated thematic approach and educational field visits brings together the separate disciplines. The children take a voyage of self discovery, in order to cultivate fascination with the universe, helping them develop a lifelong interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world in which we live.

Some of the thematic activities conducted around the year:

Mango Day

Basant Panchami

Let’s make Boats

Splash Pool

Saraswati Pooja

Celebrating Nation’s Leaders

Pet Day

A visit to the Mother Dairy to see and identify fruits and vegetables

Gurudwara visit

Country of the month

Kite Day


Graduation Day 2016

Gandhi Jayanti

Ganesh Chaturthi

Durga Puja

Art & Craft

Dental Checkup

Field Trip

Play Area

Play Area