Our Learning Environment


Beautiful, inviting, thoughtfully arranged class rooms with soft colours and uncluttered spaces set the stage for calm and focused activity in the learning environment – the class room.

Learning materials are displayed on accessible shelves fostering freedom of choice as students go about their work. There are well defined spaces for each part of the curriculum such as Language ,Art ,Math and Culture .Notable features that set these learning spaces apart from normal rooms are -


  • Class rooms  have an area devoted to peace and reflection, a quiet corner with well-chosen items , a 
  • vase of roses, a gold fish bowl ,a plant to lead the child to meditative thought .And always there are places to curl up with books where a student can read or be read to. 
  • The Montessori classroom radiates harmony and respect. 
  • Members address each other respectfully and in modulated tones. There are no raised voices; no rude or hurtful behaviour. 
  • There is a busy hum of activity, yet also profound respect for silence. Students show grace and courtesy, and an interest in the welfare of others. “Let me help!” is a common classroom refrain. Students work together as stewards of their environment. 
  • Children take turns caring for classroom plants; do their part to maintain order and help keep outdoor spaces groomed and litter-free.


To inculcate reading habit in the early years MMI has a well-equipped library with books on various topics which include plant life, animal kingdom, transportation ,history ,different countries of the world and the Universe. The collection of books enhances the learning in the curriculum and encourages interestin  a wide variety of topics. To develop a passion for reading that will last a life time, stories are read out to children and they are helped to make story related craft work.

Meal Plan

The Preschool meal plan is designed to provide a wholesome and nutritious diet that ensures the child has boundless energy for the day. Food preferences and food allergies are kept in mind while planning the menu. The meal plan offers a variety of tastes in child sized portions to help children grow up into healthy beings and develop healthy eating habits.

Security System

MMI is dedicated to provide a safe and secure learning environment for the wonderful children entrusted in our care. We are fully equipped with CCTV, firefighting system, round the clock security and an elaborate authorisation card system for picking up the child from school.


MMI boasts of an auditorium which provides children a learning platform for stage exposure and confidence building. A place to show case their talent and potential, be it singing or listening to foot tapping music.

Medical Facility

The school has adequate first aid facilities with a nurse on campus. For any serious illness or emergencies the school has a tie up with a reputed hospital.