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The Montessori approach

We are fortunate about the foresight of Dr Maria Montessori and her deep belief in the power of education for an urgent need of reconstruction to bring peace and calm to the world. She believed that the primary factor in this direction would be reforming the education.

It is over a  century now since Dr. Montessori designed her famous philosophy, which encouraged children to develop autonomy from a young age. Her method of education, focused on providing the optimum stimulation during the sensitive periods of childhood. This theory  is based on nurturing and cultivating the child’s natural desire to learn by:

  • Creating a Child-Centric learning environment that is prepared, adaptive and responsive to child’s needs
  • Providing hands-on concrete experiences with specifically-designed Montessori materials
  • Encouraging exploration, problem solving and creative reasoning as part of the learning process
  • Holistic development of the child – Cognitive, Physical, Social and Emotional
  • Fostering essential motivation by focusing on process rather than product
  • Aiming at cooperation, collaboration and mutual respect
  • Promoting “freedom within limits” by providing opportunities for self-directed choices within an ordered and structured framework
  • Nurturing independence, leadership, responsibility and self-reliance