Director Message

Mrs. Garima Sharma

Principal/Head Mistress

MSc, M.Ed, Int’l Diploma Montessori Education (MMI London), Certified Child Nutritionist (Stanford University)

“Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world...”

-Nelson Mandela

Nurturing this thought for long, Mrs. Garima has been actively teaching Science and transforming young minds for many years. Being an active and prolific writer, she has co-authored various Science Textbooks and she puts together her thoughts through her articles in VIPNET Magazine, published by Vigyan Prasar, Govt. of India. With her strong belief in objective based practical approach, she has raised the level of consciousness and awareness of hundreds of fledgling minds setting up the dawn of transforming India and its demography.

Operations Manager

Mrs. Archana Bhardwaj

Operations Manager MMI Indore, India

Mrs Archana holds Master’s degree in Zoology and Advanced Diploma in Journalism. She had been an active teacher for 5+ years and is now a social-activist working on Socio - Cultural issues along with various stakeholders.

Technical Advisor

Mrs. Shriya Rungta

Technical Advisor MMI Indore, India

Ms. Shriya is an active Software Developer by profession and an athlete by choice. She advises MMI, Indore on technical issues. She has been a State Champion in Javelin and Discuss Throw. Coming from an Athletics background, she is a motivating team member and a meticulous person with strong social and professional ethics.

Financial Advisor

Mrs. Neha Rungta

Financial Advisor MMI Indore, India

Mrs Neha is a promising entrepreneur with strong business acumen and financial expertise. She is the Director of two companies including Agilis Educare. She advises on financial, HR and commercial issues and has been the backbone of day-to-day operations.