Message from Manager

MMI Faridabad understands the relevance of academic excellence and attainment of Educational objectives at present, when there is cut-throat competition everywhere. The students of MMI Faridabad are specially trained to every field and more important to display their progress in the field of their choices.’

Innovative teaching methods are used, experimental suggestions of the parents are entertained and encouraged and teachers are constantly trained to teach with a noble vision. Our aim is to shape and mold a modern student, whose thoughts and imagination set him apart.

In this endeavor, parent’s constant support and interaction is solicited.

Shri N. S. Chahal


Message from Principal

An institution is a reflection of the society and holds a mirror to the accomplishments of the young aspirants. I perceive from my experience the dawn of a new venture in the completion of every striving effort and keep pondering over the thought, “Known is a drop and unknown is the ocean.” Hence I have turned every hard stone to work and perform for all round development of students and prosperity of school. If academic achievements bring glory and honour, stunning performances in sports and games, cultural activities, creative work add feathers that have strengthened our competence and confidence in eyes of our society.

At present the biggest challenge faced by the educators to prepare students to meet challenges of a globalized world. At present students are facing a world that continually demand new knowledge and abilities; it requires the students to become adaptable, life-long learners in an ever-changing scenario of new knowledge in school teaching learning process so that the students of MMI Faridabad discover their talents and realize their potentials.

Discipline is the base of self control and individual development which makes worthy citizens to the nations. A good education in one of the most important social indicator of development the school activities encourage the students to pursuit of excellence in academic part and enhance co-curriculum activities

Ms. Jyoti Bhatt


Message from Advisory Board

Here at school, students acquire knowledge through a dynamic learning process integrating research, inquiry and collaboration, as opposed to traditional methods of memorization and rote learning. Arts, Music, Drama, Sports and other extracurricular activities are assimilated into the program in a completely safe and nurturing environment.

We invest an equal amount of time in our teachers, who in turn must shape our students’ future. We equip them with the latest technological tools, guide their professional development and ensure a productive and positive work environment for them to be able to exercise the full measure of their experience and knowledge for the benefit of the students and their own selves.

We also acknowledge that parents are crucial partners in our children’s development. Our human efforts are enhanced by our investments in technology. As India moves into a new age of education and scientific advancements, we believe that modern infrastructure and technological development has to bolster our efforts to be relevant and proficient providers of learning.

Shri Raghuveer Bhadhna

Advisory Board

Pre School Programme

One of the first goals is to develop in the very young child a strong and realistic sense of independence and self-reliance. Along with love and a stable environment, this is the child’s greatest need. Being mindful that this may be a significant time of separation from Mom and Dad, the staff is especially careful to give the child a sense of belonging and comfort. Fine and gross motor skills, language skills continue to develop dramatically, and our many varied activities address those needs. The children learn to participate in the life of the class, helping to take care of the environment and to be an active member of the class. They also begin to gain independence in caring for their own needs. We all learn through our senses, and this is especially true of very young children who are at the beginning of taking in and understanding the world around them. PLE and Sensorial activities are the core activities of this group. These are exercises in perception, observation, fine discrimination, and classification that play a major role in helping our children to develop their sense of logic and concentration.

Preschool: 18 months to 5+ years

Timings: - 9:00 am - 12:30 pm (5 days a week - Monday to Friday)

Class /Programme Age / Eligibility
Toddler 18 months
Play Grop Born between October 2017 - September 2018
Pre Nursery October 2016 - September 2017
Nursery October 2015 - September 2016
Kindergarten October 2014 - September 2015
  • Extended Preschool Timings : 9:00 am - 6:30 pm (5 days a week – Mon to Fri.)

  • Extended Preschool : 12 months to 10 years