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Teachers Trove is a specialized institute focused on providing high-quality Montessori teacher training programs.

Our institute offers comprehensive and hands-on training courses designed to equip educators with the skills and knowledge needed to implement the Montessori method effectively in the classroom. With experienced instructors and a supportive learning environment, Teachers Trove is dedicated to helping teachers develop the expertise and confidence to inspire and nurture young learners using the Montessori approach. We have an extensive supportive network of schools that hire our trainees, offer observation and practice teaching opportunities to our trainees.

Our Vision

A world where Montessori education is empowering the next generation to be happier, more fulfilled and better able to make a positive difference to their family, their community and the planet.

Our Mission

Teachers Trove's primary mission is to offer rigorous training that inspires and challenges our students in the transformative experience of becoming authentic Montessori Teachers. We strive to help bring access to Montessori to all who wish to learn about this liberating, powerful, respectful and research supported approach.

Additionally, Teachers Trove aims to diversify access to quality public and private schools and boost exposure of the Montessori Philosophy into the education field.

Director’s Message

Ms. Roshini V.K

Ms. Roshini V.K

Director’s Message

"A nation is built by its citizens; citizens are moulded by teachers and teachers are made by teacher-educators".

Welcome to Modern Montessori International Teacher Training Centre, Vatakara in Kerala.

I'm really honoured and privileged to function as the principal of Modern Montessori International Teacher Training Centre in Vatakara where trainees are guided to look into education as a " Holistic Development" of children. I believe in upholding high standards in education and our mission is to provide motivated and exemplary teachers to society. My commitment to our community is to lead the Modern Montessori International Teacher Training Centre in Vatakara with enthusiasm and passion to enable us to reach our goals.

Ms. Roshini V.K
Modern Montessori International Teacher Training Centre