We are proud to be associated with MMI Gurgaon from last 5yrs. My both sons got their foundation from Mmi. And we are really happy and satisfied the way Mmi is putting values in our children. As per us, Mmi has covered all concerns which a parent can think like manners, greeting, confidence and above all the Montessori education. To me, its extent family.

Moreover, it’s safe school. Looking in today’s scenario we as parents have lot of questions in mind regarding child safety. I am satisfied with that part too.

All the best MMI for your future and I’m sure you will flourish.

Regards: Varun - Preeti

P/O Naitik Dua

Class - Play Group – Pre Nursery

The experience has been exceptional and I always recommend MMI to my friends and colleagues. Some key pointers that add to the success of the center –

  • Excellent Curriculum and methodology of imparting the same with experienced/well trained teachers; also with full transparency it is shared with parents in a timely manner

  • Positive, peaceful and safe environment of school that takes utmost care of little ones

  • Every individual of staff works as one team that in evitable in seamless running of the school

  • Excellent and highly efficient/experienced Center Head Sangita Ma’am. Apart from being a perfect center head she is a great parenting coach and helps parents selflessly with heart and soul.

Though will be moving to Shriram for my son Yohaan but would miss MMI a lot. MMI would be my sole choice for my second child undoubtedly.

Regards: Vartika

P/O Yohaan Tuli

Class - Play Group - Pre Nursery

This is to tell you that we feel proud to send our daughter (Anaisha Garg - Play Group A) to MMI. The school and teachers have gained immense respect for the love and care they extend to kids.

I feel excited to send my daughter to MMI each day- for which good habit/ life skill she is going to learn there- Self feeding, Prayer song, Friendship etc.

For what she expresses at home leaves us in manifold awe, and we know that it's the learning she is getting under the guidance of you all :)

We do appreciate the MMI concept of uploading pics on Facebook group on daily basis. I wait for them literally :) Coming from the previous generation where we had no CCTVs, I feel cameras footage are uncalled for parents to see on regular basis.(killing the opportunity for teacher student relationship to grow unless totally necessary)

Kudos to MMI for engaging in gentle teaching methods.

Best Regards: Shipra Goyal

P/O Anaisha Garg

Class - Play Group Now – Pre Nursery

I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you have done growing my little girl. I see how she is so particular about how she “winds up”, how well she feeds herself, the way she cleans up, the way expresses herself. She is becoming a strong, wonderful, sharp little girl and I am convinced that MMI Sohna road has been instrumental in her development. Sangita has also been fantastic in supporting Falak and myself through her journey. She has dispensed wise counsel, been caring and supportive while making sure that we did what was right. I cannot thank my lucky stars enough that MMI Sohna road opened up when it did!

Best Regards: Mrs. Shreen Alam

P/O Falak Singh

Class - Toddler - Pre Nursery

We would like to thank you for the lovely learning experience Aarav had in your school.

MMI will always be special to us as it was Aarav’s first school!!!

We can’t thank you enough for all your support and numerous meetings that you made yourself available for every time we reached out to you.

We have seen Aarav undergo a tremendous change and growth in MMI. All thanks to his teachers – the same is being appreciated in his new school. They admire the manner in which Aarav engages in activities and follows instructions. They love how he tidies up after each activity and waits his turn to play. All the credit goes to school and the teachers of MMI.

His concept of phonics and numbers is great. He fondly remembers Jimmy Sir, Vidhyama’am and Leena ma’am.

Not to forget the courtesy to say “Thank you”, “No Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Welcome” and “Good morning”

We are repeatedly told “Vidyama’mm said so!!”

Thank you for being a great “FIRST SCHOOL” for Aarav Harkauli

Regards: Aditya & Priyanka Harkauli

P/O Aarav Harkauli

Class - Pre Nursery

Ahaan started going to the MMI daycare as an infant more than 4 years back. I was a nervous working mother who was extremely anxious to let go of her baby in an unknown environment. I had done my research across Gurgaon and finally shortlisted MMI, Phase 1. To my pleasant surprise and relief Ahaan enjoyed his time there from Day 1. The amount of love, affection, care and attention that he received there was unparalleled. Anu ma’am is amazing and very hands-on with all the children. All the didis are so great that Ahaan and his friend started calling one of them Maa. A big thanks to Raman ma’am for treating him like her own bacha. I am really grateful to all of the people at MMI for taking care of my baby so well for all these years and turning him into a happy and active 5 year old 😊 At the risk of sounding cliché, I want to end by saying that it is a home away from home!

Regards: Vidhi Kapoor

M/O Vihaan Chadha

Let me start by saying that we are extremely happy and satisfied with MMI for both playgroup and day care. We have seen very good improvement in Aradhana both in terms of learning and her personality development.

As she is growing she has become very keen on doing things by herself and at the same time she is becoming very naughty :-)

We are grateful to MMI for taking such good care of our dear daughter and would like to specially thank all the teachers and didis for it.

All the best for doing such a noble of job of grooming our precious kids!!

Regards: Aparna and Kashif

P/O Aradhna

Aretha joined MMI at pre nursery class, as a parent we leave our most precious possession in the hands of the class teachers, and it is not easy to trust someone else with your kids. But I couldn’t be happier to have seen Aretha settle in the class by day 2/3 with other kids and teacher so comfortably.

Thanks to the class teachers who gave her comfort and trust in the early age of her life to give her the space where she can be herself. When she joined in pre nursery she was a soft spoken shy child... but I have seen her personality developing in so many ways. She is more confident and balanced and always have a happy face to go to MMI.

The school has a bright environment with various themes going on.. The best part of the school curriculum I feel is there “Mic Time”. At an early age Aretha was confident enough to hold the mike and speak in front of a group... my daughter loves all her class teacher be it Shalini ma’am in pre nursery or Swati ma’am in nursery. The teachers are very approachable and help in the child development.

Aretha is also part of MMIs extend preschool facility for the last 4 years now. And I can’t be more relaxed in leaving her there. As a working mother, it is very important to know that your child is in a safe hands and is been take care of… Anupama ma’am at the extended preschool and the teachers gives comfort to working mothers like me. The day care detail report which is prepared for every child listing the day’s activities at the extended school gives the transparency a parent looks for. Not only the teachers. The didi’s at the school and the extended preschool are experienced and give the child the comfort and love they look out for at this early age.

A happy child reflects lots about a school and the efforts put in by the teachers and the supporting staff. And I can’t be more thankful to the team MMI for making my child experience memorable!

Regards: Sanchari

M/O Aretha

We would like to place on record our appreciation for the teachers, support staff and above all you for the wonderful experience which we would always cherish. We are sure Irabaan's initial footprint of schooling at MMI would go a long way to establish him as a responsible citizen of our country.

Wishing MMI greater success and accomplishment in the years to come

Regards: Krishnakoli Datta & Arijit Datta

Like any other parent we wanted best for our child, hence started looking for options for playgroups. When entered MMI…we somehow felt…yes this is the place. And we indeed made a right choice. My son when entered didn’t utter a word…but by end of year…he could easily speak full sentences in Hindi and English both.

I have seen remarkable growth in our son. He always looked forward to go to school. Thanks! To all the dedicated teachers and didi’s.

And especial thanks to Nita Mam, who was always there to guide us in this journey of early years learning.

Would highly recommend MMI to all the parents. Cheers!

Regards: Ruchi

M/O Omansh

My son started his preschool at 18 months and I'm glad I chose MMI for his crucial toddler years. I have seen a tremendous change in my child's behaviour and confidence. From establishing good habits and values, instilling discipline to imparting knowledge MMI has been a great experience for me and my child and he definitely stands out with his confidence and mannerisms. I'm thankful to the dedicated teachers and didi's for keeping my son safe and happy in the school premises and very grateful to Nita Ma'am for her keen interest. Her involvement as a Principal of the school in every activity or any festival celebration at school or even being present at dispersal every single day is commendable. I'm going to highly recommend MMI to all the new parents looking for day care or preschool education.

Regards: Ishneet Sandhu

M/O Samraj Singh Sandhu

“Our daughter joined MMI in Pre nursery. It was our first time, so we were nervous. But we are glad we chose MMI as her first school. We saw changes in her confidence and independence. Even though initially our daughter did not want to go to school by the time she graduated from MMI she did not want to go to any other school. The fact that our daughter still wants to go back to MMI means Mrs. Nita Datta ma’am and her teachers do a fantastic job. MMI is amazing and we would like to thank everyone for the way they have helped our daughter in her formative years.”

Regards: Nidhi & Deven

P/O Samaira